Reflections Show

Reflections Show

(jueves 6pm) (viernes 8am)

Allegro WIPR 91.3 FM inaugurates its new hourly weekly program, Reflections, hosted by Attorney Jorge González. Relying on his civic, business, legal, educational, cultural, and athletic experiences, Jorge will reflect on diverse topics having always in mind our well-being, and that of our community. The program Reflections will be repeated on Friday’s at 8 am.

Tune in on Thursdays at 6 pm or Fridays at 8 am to share with Jorge his reflections on what has happened and is happening, always from the perspective of how these reflections improve [or “positively impact”] our lives and Puerto Rico.

Reflections – a fresh new way to look at events with our well-being in mind. Reflections for our well-being.